Twin Flame Tarot Spread A Guide to Finding Your Soul Mate

Twin Flames Tarot Spread is a way to find your soul mate. Twin Flame Tarot Spread is different than other spreads in that it’s not just about the present, but also what you are building for the future. The Twin Flame Tarot spread can help you determine whether or not there will be a long-term romantic relationship with someone and if you should date them now or wait until later.


What is a Twin Flame Tarot Spread and how does it work?

This Twin Flame Tarot Spread is based on the principles of numerology and astrology. Both are used to determine how compatible you would be with a potential romantic partner, focusing more on what’s happening in your future rather than just your present situation.

The cards themselves will offer predictions about who you’re supposed to date; if there will be a long-term relationship and whether or not you should date them now, later in life, or never.


You’ll need:

A Tarot deck of your choice (you can even use the one that comes with this guide!)

Pen and paper for note-taking!

The Twin Flame Spread begins by deciding on an appropriate spread. This is done by laying down the cards in a pattern that’s related to your question.


Twin Flame Tarot Spread

For example, if you wanted to know whether or not someone was an appropriate romantic partner for you, it would be best to layout the Twin Flame Tarot Spread as follows:

The Fool Card – card number zero; this card represents the potential for the future.

The Magician Card – card number one; this card represents new beginnings, creative ideas, and opportunities for new perspectives on life or relationships.

The Tower Card – card number two; this is a warning that something associated with what you’re asking about will be difficult in some way. It may represent an obstacle to overcome or a difficult time.

The Lovers Card – card number three; this is the card of balance, harmony, and relationships. It’s associated with feelings of love and loyalty to others as well as openness and honesty between people in a relationship.

The Chariot Card – card number four; this represents victory over obstacles that may be blocking your path. It represents the taking of action to overcome challenges and obstacles that may be in your way, both personal and professional.

The Wheel Card – card number five; this is a sign of opportunities coming into fruition or being realized as well as having constant changes happening within one’s life.

Death Card – card number six; this is a sign of change, sometimes not being aware that the card is upon you and it’s time to let go. It may also be a signal that your long-term goals are ready to come true.

Temperance Card – card number seven; this is about the balance between two forces or energies which can seem unrelated but have some common ground. It is a card of harmony or balance.

The Tower Card – card number eight; this card represents the destruction of an old order and how something new can rise from its ashes.

Wheel Of Fortune Card – card number nine; this is about cycles repeating in life as well as fate intervening on your behalf when it’s time to make a change.

Judgment Card – card number ten; this is the final transformation or resolution of an old issue you have been dealing with in your life. It’s about bringing closure and healing to something that has been plaguing you for some time now.

World Card – card number eleven, this represents completion, wholeness, and a coming together of all the lessons you’ve learned in your life.



How to Perform the Spread and Step-by-step instructions on performing the spread?

Interpretation of the Cards and their Meanings and Selecting which cards to layout:

Cards that represent the past, present, and future. These are your opportunity to see how these three aspects of life have a direct impact on one another in order for you to learn from them.

The Wheel Of Fortune card tells us about fate intervening when it’s time to make a change. This card signals that it is time to make a movement on something you feel called or drawn towards.

The Tower Card tells us about the destruction of old ways and structures in order for new opportunities to come into our lives. There are things we need to let go of so that room can be made for better things coming your way. The Wheel and Tower cards are also a sign that there is going to be some kind of major life change for you.

The Chariot Card tells us about the need to have patience and persistence when it comes to what we want out of this reading as well as in our lives. The good thing with this card though, is that things will come to fruition eventually.

The Star Card tells us about the way we must be in order to get what we want out of this reading and our lives as well. We have to keep faith that everything will work out, but also patience when it comes to making a change in our life or waiting for something good to come our way.

Strength Card is all about taking a stand when it comes to your life and what you want out of this reading. You have the power within yourself to do anything, so use that strength as well as patience in order to get where you need to go.

The Fool Card is about taking a chance on something new or different for your live. It’s also all about following your intuition and making that decision to take a chance. The Fool Card is about going with whatever will make you happy but also takes into account the consequences of your

Decision Card. This card tells us not to be afraid of taking risks or jumping head-first into something new for ourselves because it can lead to great things.

The Devil Card is about following that intuition and making that decision to take a chance. The Fool Card is all about going with whatever will make you happy, but also takes into account the consequences of your decisions.


Twin Flame Tarot Spread
Twin Flame Tarot Spread

Tips for Reading Your Own Spread and Interpreting it with Yourself or Others

– Shuffle your cards while asking yourself, “What is the best decision for me?” and lay them out one by one.

– Ask questions of each card to better understand what you’re looking at individually or as a whole.

– The Fool Card might signify that it’s time to make a change in your life, whether it be your career, moving to a new place, or even finding that special someone.

– If you see Death in the cards it may mean that sometimes life can’t go on as planned and this might signify an end of a relationship where death could also symbolize cutting off ties with an unhealthy person who is not good for you.

– A card might represent something that you’re looking for in your life, like a new job or a person.

– If you see the Chariot – it may mean there is forward movement and striving towards an event of some kind. You can also look at this as someone being in control and making their own decisions without depending on others.

– If you see the Wheel of Fortune card, it may signify luck or fate and that your life is changing for better or worse.

– In a reading where Death appears more than once, this might mean the end to something in one’s life.

– The Two of Cups can represent finding love when someone was not expecting it.

– If you see the Nine of Cups, this could signify someone having a wish come true or finally achieving their goal in life.



How to find a Twin Soul?

There are a few ways you can go about locating your Twin Soul. One way is to do a tarot reading and see what cards come up in the spread. If there is more than one card that has recurring meanings, then this could signify the appearance of twin soul mates. You may also want to perform some meditation or set out on a journey in your mind.

Resources for finding spiritual guidance and support if you are struggling with questions about your soul mate or Twin Flame connection

To find a Twin Soul, I would recommend doing some meditation or set out on a journey in your mind. If you are struggling with questions about your soul mate or Twin Flame connection, resources for finding spiritual guidance and support can be found online. The best way to know if this is the right person for you is to listen inside of yourself. What you need, is the Twin Soul Tarot Spread.

– The person we are looking for maybe all around us and not even know it. This could signify that there were twin soul mates in our lives before who have come back to help guide us on this journey but didn’t originally stay with us because they had other things to do.

– Twin soul mates are not afraid to go through hard times and difficult changes. They know that by doing this, they will be able to help each other grow as individuals and together. It is important for both parties in the relationship to have individuality because if one person does not feel like their thoughts or feelings matter then it can lead to resentment, which means that the person will not have a happy life.

– Twin soul mates are in complete honesty with each other and know how to communicate their feelings freely without fear of being judged or made fun of.

– The Twin Soul Tarot Spread can show us if we have been on this journey before by helping us understand what we have done and what we should do next.

– Twin soul mates are able to bring out the best in each other, even if they don’t always show it. When a relationship has been going well for some time then people can get complacent or lazy in their love because they take the blessings from one another for granted and stop treating them as they should.

– Twin soul mates have a deep love for each other that is not dependent on the actions of one or both, as it is unconditional and selfless.



Twin Flame Separation Tarot Spread

The Twin Flame Tarot Spread can help us understand how a relationship is going and where we are in our journey. The Twin Soul Tarot Spread has an extra card called the Separation, which shows what might happen if things do not go well for both partners or that one partner leaves the other. This section of the spread helps to give us an idea of what we can do to avoid separation.

It is important for us to remember that the Twin Flame Tarot Spread shows our journey with a soul mate and not anyone else, or some other kind of partner in life such as friends, family members, spouses, etc. The cards are laid out on the table so that they show the past, present, and future cards with respect to the Twin Flame Tarot Spread.

This spread is also called the “Soul Mate” tarot reading because it’s all about finding a soul mate or twin flame. The questions are designed to help you find your other half but don’t forget that this type of relationship can be found in any form of partnership.

The Twin Flame Tarot Spread is a nine-card reading that you should only use when looking for your other half, so it’s important to answer the questions as best as you can before laying out all the cards on the table. You may even want to write down some notes first or talk about these questions with someone close to you before looking at the cards.



Separated Twin Flame Tarot Spread

This is a nine-card reading that you should only use when looking for your other half, so it’s important to answer the questions as best as you can before laying out all the cards on the table. With this spread, there are three question groups and each group will be answered by two cards. The final card in these sets of two will be the outcome of that particular question.

Separated Twin Flame Tarot Spread


Tarot Cards That Indicate Twin Flame

You may find that some of the cards in a Twin Flame Tarot Spread will be face-up, but most are going to need to remain facedown. The ones that are upright or flipped over should represent your thoughts and feelings on certain topics which could include: how you feel about yourself; if there is anyone special in your life; if you are feeling optimistic; and how open you are to new relationships.

If any of the cards come up upside down, it means that there is a block in your life which needs to be dealt with before Twin Flame Tarot Spread can work for you. It may mean that something has happened during this time period such as a death or an illness that is preventing you from feeling emotionally available to new relationships.



Is He My Twin Flame Pick A Card?

If you’re struggling to find your Twin Flame, this card can help you! Pick a card and then lay out the rest of the deck face down. The upright cards represent what are happening in your life while facedown ones ask for deeper truths that need exploring right now. If there’s anything upside-down, it means something is blocking your Twin Flame Tarot Spread from working as well as it should.



Twin Flame Reading This Week

This week, there’s a card that shows up in your Twin Flame Tarot Spread the most. This means something is happening which may be blocking you or someone close to you from moving forward with this relationship. If it’s not resolved soon, then any future progress can easily get stalled as well. This could mean anything such as being judged or feeling unsupported.

Here are some ways to deal with this card:

-Talk it out with your Twin Flame and see if he or she is struggling too, then create a plan for the both of you.

-Do more research on how to handle this situation (such as videos, articles, or books) so that next time you’re in the same situation, you’ll know what to do.

-Repeat this card three times and see how it feels when that’s done: does it feel different?

-Do a meditation where you visualize yourself surrounded by light with your Twin Flame next to you; then repeat together “I’m ready for my journey.”

Let’s look at what other people have asked and see if that can help you. I know you’re looking for inspiration and ideas, so how about we take a look at what other people have asked? Maybe that can help!



What is a twin flame in Tarot?

A Twin Flame Tarot Spread is a way to help you find your soul mate.

Twin Flames are people who have been with their other half in many lifetimes, and when they meet again, they fall deeply in love but eventually, the Twin Flame relationship ends because of one or more reasons such as death or cheating. When this happens, Twin Flames usually end up marrying someone else but will never have the same love for their new partner.



What does a twin flame reading mean?

A Twin Flame reading can help you to find out who your soul mate is. It also helps with Twin Flames that have been apart and then meet again, or for those who are looking for their other half.

What does a twin flame reading mean?


Are there really twin flames?

Yes, Twin Flames are very real.



How do I get a twin flame reading?

For an accurate Twin Flame Tarot Reading, you need to shuffle the 78 cards of the deck and then lay down five tarot spreads in a row which will show your past, present, future, and two possible futures. Next, take three-card draws from the deck and then read them in order to see where your Twin Flame is.



How do I get my Twin Flame back?

If you have already found your Twin Flame, but are not living together or married yet, it can be very hard for one of you to leave everything behind so that they can follow their destiny with their other half. One Twin Flame may not be ready to leave a job, family, or friends and the other will often feel as if they are being abandoned by their partner who is still there.

What should I do?

If it feels like your Twin Flame has left you for someone else then this article can give you some advice on how to get your Twin Flame back.

*If the other person is not currently in a relationship, then you can try to win them over with love and affection; but if they are already taken or unavailable, then it may be time for you to accept that this person is never going to be yours.*



What is the most powerful card in the Tarot?

The most powerful card in the Tarot is “the Fool”. This person is often depicted as a young man or child who has yet to learn all of life’s lessons and this makes them innocents, but also naive. The Fool can sometimes be pictured running across a cliff edge without looking down below him because he believes that he is protected by providence. This card also represents beginnings and pure potential, which means that this person has a lot of good things to come in life if they are willing to take the risks necessary for what will make them happy.



What is a karmic relationship?

A karmic relationship is a situation where two people who have known each other in the past are destined to come back together. This can happen because of what happened between them, or it may just be that they belong with one another and no matter the distance, time, or obstacles separating them, there will always be an inevitable reunion.



What is a soulmate relationship?

A soulmate relationship is a situation where two people are destined to be together. They go through periods of being in contact with one another, but sometimes they will have long breaks between each other due to circumstances outside their control. Soulmates always come back to one another because it’s meant for them and that’s the only way they can be together.



Which Tarot card means luck?

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card means luck. This is a good time to take risks and put yourself out there for something that may not seem too great, but could actually end up being worth it in the long run.

If you’re looking for a little clarity on your Twin Flame relationship, this spread can help you get your bearings and give you a little more insight into where things are going.

This spread is based on the Twin Flame Tarot deck by Krizia Nola, which I find to be one of my favorite decks for working with Twin Flames because it’s so much more intuitive than other tarot interpretations.

Which Tarot card means luck?


What is the luckiest card?

A new year is a time for resolutions, and if you’re looking to make an impact in the coming twelve months then it’s important that you take risks. The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card symbolizes luck which means this could be your lucky break; don’t let fear hold you back from taking chances because they might not seem worth it now but have high potential later on down the line.



How many tarot cards do you pull?

When you pull a tarot card from the deck, it’s important that you pay attention to what its message is telling you. The Twin Flame Tarot Spread uses 16 cards that correspond with different aspects of your life or personality – for example, someone who has anxiety may find themselves drawing “The Tower” repeatedly in their readings and need to develop healthier coping strategies.



What do you need to know about the Twin Flame Tarot Spread?

– 16 cards are pulled from a tarot deck and laid out in two rows of eight with six cards overlapping each row: this is called “The Wheel”

– The top four cards represent your past, or what has already happened but is not yet complete

– The bottom four cards represent your future, or what is about to happen and is still unknown

– Cards overlapping both rows are the present in your life – they may be events that have already happened but you’re either not aware of them yet (like meeting someone new) or things happening now that require a decision on your part

– The Wheel is complete when you can see the past and future in a single row of cards

– Sometimes, this spread will show both your Twin Flame’s Tarot Spread as well – which means they are so close to you that it would be difficult for them not to show up.

– And finally, sometimes there may be a situation that you have to handle on your own, or an event taking place in the past.

– The cards are as follows:

The Fool – Your Past

Seven of Cups – Your Future (Past/Present)

Lovers – Present Situation

Wheel of Fortune – Completed Spread with Twin Flame’s Tarot Spread

Justice/Strength – Decision to Make

The Hanged Man – Situation You Have to Handle on Your Own

Death – Event from the Past

Temperance (Wheel of Fortune) – Completed Spread without Twin Flame’s Tarot Spread.

Your Twin Flame is likely somewhere in this spread, but you may have some work to do.



What is a soul contract with someone?

A soul contract is a relationship between two people that carries some weight. It could be from any type of situation, such as best friends or romantic partners. A soul contract can also refer to the relationship you have with yourself and your divine being. In this case, it’s about personal growth and self-love in order to create abundance for both parties.



How do I know if I have a Twin Flame?

There are several signs that you may be experiencing Twin Flame energy with someone, including intense feeling of love, an instant connection on many levels (emotional and spiritual), or even déjà vu feelings. The one thing to remember is that all these things can happen with any type of romantic relationship, so don’t mistake Twin Flame energy for a desire to be in a committed partnership.

How do I know if I have a Twin Flame?


What is a soulmate color?

A soulmate color is one of the colors that represent you and your Twin Flame. This can be a hue, an actual color, or even grey if this relationship isn’t meant to manifest in physical form.



What do soulmates mean?

A soulmate is a person with whom you share an especially close, lifelong connection. Your Twin Flame may be your soul mate if the two of you have spent time together in past lives or even just for brief moments during this one.



Why do we click with someone?

Some people click with someone because they share a similar thought process and are on the same wavelength. Other times, two people might come together who have spent time in past lives as partners or siblings.



How many positive tarot cards are there?

There are four positive cards in the Twin Flame Tarot Spread.

Ace of Pentacles: The Ace of Pentacles is a card that represents spiritual abundance and prosperity, and this can be seen as an indicator for someone who is willing to let go of material desires for something deeper.

The Star: The Star signifies how intuition plays a major role in our search for a soulmate.

Lovers: The Lovers card implies that two people are destined to be together, but they could spend time feeling unsure of what the future holds. It also represents balancing one’s desire with another person’s needs and wants.

The World: This is an indication of an individual who has found the love they’ve been searching for and are living in a perfect world with this person.



How many negative tarot cards are there?

There is only one card that can be considered to have a negative connotation, but it depends on your perspective: The Fool. This card indicates innocence, spontaneity, and a carefree attitude.

The Fool is often the first card drawn in any tarot reading because it indicates that we are embarking on an unknown journey which could be either positive or negative depending on what cards follow it.

What does The Fool represent? The Fool represents innocence, spontaneity, and recklessness.

This card can be interpreted as a warning to the querent that they may not have all of their facts straight before embarking on an endeavor, or it could represent someone who is exploring ideas without any regard for consequences.



What does the star mean in tarot?

The star symbolizes hope, new beginnings, and a bright future.

The six-pointed star is known as the Star of David which is associated with Judaism and the Jewish people.

This card can represent an uplifting feeling that brings joy to others or makes them feel positive about themselves after some hardship.

What does the star mean in tarot?


Which card suit is highest in poker?

The poker suit that ranks the highest is spades, followed by hearts, diamonds, and clubs.



What does Joker mean in tarot?

The Joker card in the tarot is entirely different from the one you might find in a deck of playing cards.

It has many meanings, but most commonly it can indicate something that will happen without any apparent cause or reason.

In some cases, this could be interpreted as fate intervening to bring about events or behaviors which are meant to occur.

It can also represent a decision that one must make as a result of the Joker card.

For example, if somebody is trying to decide between two choices and they receive this card in their tarot reading it could mean that fate has already made up its mind for them because there are no other options available.



Why is the ace the highest card?

The ace is the highest card because it represents a situation that has been put in motion.

It also signifies that something will happen, and one can only wait and see what happens next.

An Ace of Cups might represent new love blossoming into an important relationship or somebody finally finding their perfect partner after years of searching for them.



What are Oracle Cards?

Oracle cards are a type of tarot card that predicts the future through symbols and images.

Tarot readings usually involve asking somebody specific questions about their life, such as “Is my partner cheating on me?”

The person will then shuffle the deck and draw out several cards from it to create a spread. The meaning behind each card will be interpreted by the reader and can provide an answer to the question.

Oracle cards are often used for spiritual guidance, but they have grown in popularity as a form of entertainment too.

This is because it’s easy to see how each card could relate to somebody who might be asking themselves questions about their life, such as “Do I want to get married?”.

Oracle cards are not designed specifically for telling fortunes or predicting the future, so they will only provide you with guidance based on your own intuition and interpretation.


Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading. We hope that we helped answer some of your questions and gave you a better understanding of twin flames, the spread to use with them, and how to interpret it yourself or with others. If there’s anything else about this topic that is unclear or if you have any other burning questions, please comment below so we can help! Here are additional resources on finding your soul mate in case you want more information before giving up all hope 😉

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