The Power of Crown Chakra Affirmations - How Affirmations Can Change Your Life

The Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head and it is associated with pure consciousness, which is why many people meditate there. It’s also where we store our personal power, creativity, and wisdom.

When you open up your crown chakra, you allow this powerful energy to flow through your body to help heal yourself on a physical level as well as release any negative thoughts or emotions that may be holding you back in other areas of your life. The affirmations below are another way to tap into this amazing source of universal energy that will help balance out all seven chakras in your body!

Crown chakra affirmations are powerful because they work to balance the chakras by focusing your energy in one place and expanding it outward. This will bring you into alignment with who you truly are, allowing for healing on a physical and emotional level. The Crown Chakra is the center of our spirituality and self-esteem. It is located at the top of our head. Crown chakra affirmations are a way to focus your mind and body in one place while expanding outward, allowing for healing on a physical and emotional level.

It’s important to be confident in yourself, so you can be a better leader and role model for others. Crown chakra affirmations can help motivate and inspire you to work toward healthy goals.

There are many reasons why the Crown Chakra is so important, from spirituality to self-esteem to being a good example to others. Crown Chakra Affirmations are one way of connecting with your inner self and learning how to be the best you possible.

If we’re not confident in ourselves, it’s hard for us to pass that confidence on to someone else. When people see you as successful, they want what you have; consequently, confidence is a crucial element to success. Making your Crown Chakra open and happy can help you feel more confident in yourself, which will lead to feeling like an inspirational leader for others.

Remember not to be hard on yourself when things go wrong; instead, focus on the positive aspects of life that make you feel good about everything you do.

Crown Chakra Affirmations

The crown chakra is the top of our head, and it’s in charge of self-esteem and spirituality. When we’re not sure of the things that are going on in our lives, it’s hard to believe in ourselves. This is because self-esteem and spirituality are so interconnected with each other; when one lacks, you can’t expect the other to be healthy either.

For those who want to feel more confident about themselves, opening up your crown chakra is a great way to start. Crown chakra affirmations are beneficial for those who want to increase their self-esteem and spirituality.

When you focus on the positive aspects of life, it makes you feel good about yourself and gives you renewed hope in your abilities as well as your future.

You need to have faith in your own abilities if you want to achieve anything in life. Crown chakra affirmations will help to provide you with the inner strength and spiritual balance that is necessary to accomplish your goals.

Learning how to feel good about yourself can be difficult, but it’s very important if you want a happy life. Crown chakra affirmations are not just for people who have self-esteem issues; they’re for people who want to improve their life.

One of the ways that you can tell if your crown chakra is blocked is when your self-esteem and ego are diminished, which leads to feelings of insecurity. Crown chakra affirmations will help restore both your confidence in yourself as well a spiritual balance so that you feel stronger again.

Start by repeating these words to yourself “I am a divine being” or “I am made of love” or “I am at peace.” Crown chakra affirmation can also be found in mantras such as, “The divine presence is within me,” or “You are a child of the universe” and so on.

If you want to improve your life with crown chakra affirmations, start by repeating these words 30 times for five minutes each day. Say these affirmations out loud every day before going about your daily routine.

Crown Chakra Affirmations2

Crown chakra affirmations are a powerful way to improve your life. Use these words that you repeat with intention in order to feel stronger both mentally and spiritually. If you want more information on how crown chakra affirmation can help, contact me at my email address.

If you’re feeling down or discouraged, say them again until they sink into your subconscious mind.

Remember that crown chakra affirmations are a powerful way to improve your life, so repeat these words with intention and know in your heart they will work wonders for you.

You can also try wearing a crystal on your crown, like rose quartz or clear quartz they’re both great for bringing more positivity into your life.

Remember that you deserve happiness! If you keep telling yourself that you don’t, then it will be hard to believe otherwise. Remember that it takes time for any new habit to stick with you – keep repeating the affirmations until they become ingrained into who you are as a person!

Try this technique when feeling down – just repeat these words in front of a mirror with bright eyes until you start to feel better!

Aura photography is a powerful way to get in touch with your inner self, so take time every day after you’ve had your morning coffee and do some aura photography! You can also try wearing a crystal on your crown like clear quartz or rose quartz – they’re both great for bringing more positivity into your life!


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How To Use Crown Chakra Affirmations:

– Say the affirmations in front of a mirror with bright eyes every day to get more positivity and happiness.

– Take time out after you’ve had your morning coffee for some aura photography. This can be done outside, or by using an app on your phone.

– Wear a crystal like clear quartz or rose quartz on the crown of your head to increase positivity in life.


What Crown Chakra Affirmations Do:

Affirmations work by reprogramming our subconscious minds, so that we can enjoy more happiness and positive thinking! These affirmations are great for the Crown Chakra because they help us to connect to our spiritual selves and become more attuned with the divine energy that surrounds us.


Heart Chakra Affirmations

What are Heart Chakra Affirmations?

The Heart Chakra, also known as the Anahata chakra is in the center of your chest. It governs love and compassion for oneself and others. Here are some affirmations to help you balance this energy:

– I am loving towards myself which helps me feel more loved by others

– Allowing people into my life has made me happy

– I am grateful for the love in my life.

– My health is important to me because it affects all aspects of my well being

– I keep a positive attitude and see things from other’s perspective.

– When feeling down, I channel positivity into myself with affirmations such as: “The universe loves me” or “I am a child of the universe. I can do anything”.

– Every day brings new hope and opportunity


Inner Child Affirmations

What are Inner Child Affirmations?

The center for our emotions, when we are hurt by others, it’s our inner child who is hurting most because they feel unprotected and unsafe.

There are many ways to heal and nurture the inner child in ourselves, but one of the most powerful is by using affirmations for our Inner Child.

Affirmations can be a way that we can tell them how much they are loved and appreciated; what great qualities they have inside themselves; how strong they are because their inner child is the strongest in them.

We may be able to notice how this area of our life begins to change over time when we nurture and love that part of ourselves. As well as, discovering what it means for a person’s self-worth to grow stronger over time!


How I use Inner Child Affirmations?

I will affirm with my Inner Child in these three areas:

– I’m proud of the strength that you have inside yourself.

– You are an amazing human being who deserves all the love and respect in this world!

– What a good decision to choose me as your parent so we could grow up together!”


What do Crown Chakra Affirmations do?

This is a process in which we use positive affirmations to direct our subconscious mind and make it more supportive for us. We feel better about ourselves, have less anxiety and are generally happier with what’s going on inside of us!


Best 20 Crown Chakra Affirmations

– I am happy.

– Today is going to be the best day of my life!

– I deserve happiness and success in all areas of my life.

– All good things come from within me now, where they belong.

– It’s okay for me to give myself what I need first before anyone else.

– I am the most important person in my life, and it’s time for me to recognize that!

– I deserve all of the love and respect in this world!

– What a good decision it was to choose myself as my parent so we could grow up together!”

-I am worthy of receiving what I need.

– I am a powerful creator and my thoughts are capable of manifesting themselves into reality.

– The more I acknowledge myself, the better off everyone is!

-I deserve all that life has to offer me now.”

-“Happiness cannot be found through material possessions or people; it must come from within” – unknown author

– I am not my mental thoughts, and the power is in me to let them go.

– Today will be a new day with fresh hope for tomorrow!

– The more I learn about myself, the less anxious or angry I feel.

– I deserve all that life has to offer me now.” – Happiness cannot be found through material possessions or people; it must come from within” – unknown author

– I am in charge of my thoughts, decisions and actions.

-The more I learn about myself, the less anxious or angry I feel.” – Happiness cannot be found through material possessions or people; it must come from within” – unknown author


The Power of Crown Chakra Affirmations How Affirmations Can Change Your Life

Root Chakra Affirmations

What are Root Chakra Affirmations?

The root chakra is the first of seven energy centers in our bodies and it grounds us to this life.

It creates a sense of stability for ourselves, providing physical strength and endurance.

The root chakra also sustains the flow of money through a business or family activities.” – Source: “What Is Root Chakra? (with pictures)”

The base chakra, also known as the root chakra is located in the basal part of your spine.

This center controls grounding to this life and provides physical strength. The energy from this center sustains money through a business or family activities.” – Source: “What Is Root Chakra? (with pictures)”.


Sacral Chakra Affirmations

What are Sacral Chakra Affirmations?

Sacral Chakra Affirmations are a type of positive affirmations that help align the chakras (energy centers) around your sacrum.

To produce Sacral Chakra Affirmations, you need to first relax into an environment where you can feel safe and calm. Make sure the room is warm so you do not get too cold. Next, find a quiet place with nothing interrupting, look at your hands and talk to yourself in order to center yourself by saying “I am more than what I see,” “I trust myself,” or “I am more than my thoughts.”

If it’s difficult for you to concentrate on these phrases just yet, try starting off by visualizing something like a bubble that surrounds you in a brilliant blue light. This bubble protects and heals your Sacral Chakra, releasing the positive energy so it can spread throughout your body.

Next, say affirmations such as “I am safe” or “It is now easy for me to feel love.” You should try saying these phrases at least three times each day.

Sacral Chakra Affirmations are often deep and introspective. A common affirmation is “I am loving, lovable, kind and gentle”. They empower and comfort you in a time of need. Affirmations are very effective for healing when combined with positive thoughts and behavior change.


Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations

Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations target the third chakra, also known as Manipura. This chakra encompasses power, self-esteem, and spiritual will power taking action in the world. It is what drives us to create and manifest our desires in 3d reality.

Higher positively charged energies of life have very easily been attacking this plexus for generations but we only notice it most intensely during periods of low solar activity which can make those afflicted feel a profound sense of malaise or feeling deflated if they´re not able to do anything meaningful and their creativity has been zapped away just because there was too much darkness visible on the surface of the sun when people went outside.

Affirmations are a powerful tool for healing and manifesting. The Solar Plexus Chakra is one of the seven major chakras in Eastern philosophy. It is an area near the stomach, which has been associated with a sense of trust, creativity, and imagination.

Solar Plexus Affirmatives are phrases that might encourage you to tap into your natural solar plexus energy. One example could be “I am receptive”. These affirmatives vary depending on what resonates best with the user. Basically, they’re just words full of empowering suggestions designed to make us feel good about ourselves in order to motivate change in our lives and create whatever it is we desire out of life! (basically manifest)


Crown Chakra

Frequently asked questions about Crown Chakra

Let’s look at what other people have asked and see if that can help you. I know you’re looking for inspiration and ideas, so how about we take a look at what other people have asked? Maybe that can help!


What blocks the crown chakra?

The Crown Chakra is blocked by any fear of death.

Fear that we are not enough and cannot be successful in our endeavors. Fear of success – why should I succeed if it means you will suffer more?  Any sense that what we do does not matter, or has no impact on the world around us.

For those of you who have heard of it, the Crown chakra (Sahasrara) is pure consciousness. It is also the point in our body where universal consciousness (collective or higher mind) enters. The impacts on our physical bodies by blocking this opening are important to consider because that is often where we store less conscious memories, limiting beliefs, feelings, and thoughts. This prevents opening up more awareness to create room for a larger sense of self-connection.

Mental Images – A crucial aspect that needs to be consciously attended to when examining our mental imagery. Mental images themselves provide an opportunity for personal growth and transition from stress points built into subconscious patterns into healthy ones, but they need to pass through the crown chakra to be fully realized.

The Crown chakra is also the point where we are able to understand universal consciousness and transcendence, which leads back into our everyday lives as a way for us to know who we truly are. This helps with personal growth in that it provides awareness of oneself beyond what can typically be seen on an earthly plane.

There are many factors that could block your Crown Chakra. Sadly, what happens can depend on where you’re at in life and what kind of work you do. A major factor seems to be how you interact with the world around you, as well as how conscious and open-minded the people who surround you are about their own spiritual growth.

The two main factors that seem to interfere with our crown chakra levels tend to be either fear or guilt – both of which lead us inwards instead of outwards (which would make sense for expansion). Everything matters when it comes down to this energy center and its openness isn’t just about your mental well-being but also how you feel physically.


What happens when you activate your crown chakra?

When you are able to open up your crown chakra, you will feel more connected with the world. You’ll have a stronger sense of self-awareness and be less prone to negative emotions like worry or fear. In terms of health effects, most people find that they can regulate their body temperature better – especially those who struggle with hot flashes or cold spells.

This is the highest point in your body and as such, it will help you to have a better understanding of who you are on an emotional level. It’s unlikely that any other chakra can affect this one but if they do, they’ll be able to create extreme changes within them because of all the energy produced by the crown chakra.

When your crown chakra is open, you don’t need to cling so tightly to your physical reality. This has two main benefits: firstly, it helps with the process of letting go – of releasing attachments and letting go of what no longer works for you. Secondly, it can bring about a certain peace in knowing that nothing but love exists outside the confines of our physical reality.

So now you know! Ideally, it may be a good idea to work on full-body chakra energy by opening all seven together before engaging with anyone in particular.


Following are some basic techniques worth exploring:

1) auricular piercings;

2) earthing/grounding (touch bare earth);

3) breathing exercises;

4) visualization;

and, most importantly of all,


There are two ways you can activate your crown chakra. The first is to sit down in a meditative position and visualize energy flowing from the base of your spine and up through this region (the top of your head). It may sound like a simple exercise, but that it’s not so easy later on when you have more chakras to work on.

The other way to activate the crown chakra is by doing sitting meditation for 5-10 minutes while focusing awareness on the breath in the regions of the brow, nose, sinuses, upper chest and neck. The idea is that belly breathing stretches these areas with each exhalation which also stimulates them as well as helps us slow down our thoughts or calm our emotions at the same time.

The Crown Chakra is the chakra of our creative self and spiritual power, which speaks to how we project ourselves in the world and what kind of energy do we want to create for that projection. We use this chakra when we are seeking a higher truth or divine purpose not yet seen by us on earth plane but which is nevertheless our potential.

The Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head, just above where we rest hair on our heads and it sits in a spot that corresponds to our pineal gland which produces hormones for regulating sleep cycles along with melatonin. The Crown chakra has a number of facets to offer us as human beings including self-esteem, the capacity to love and be loved by others as well as being able to see an individual’s potential for greatness.


What is the fastest way to open the crown chakra?

One of the fastest ways to open each chakra is with meditation. You can visualize a golden spiral of light spinning clockwise in the pelvic area, drawing out energy from the earth, up into your lower back, and then down straight through to the crown. As you repeat this visualization, you’ll sense that you are breathing or soaking this energy in, until finally all seven chakras are activated and come together at the crown. Once this process has begun it will take on its own momentum within about 3-5 weeks of daily therapy sessions for 10-15 minutes a day for four days per week.

It’s also important to note that while physical trauma may cause an emotional response as evidenced by various disorders such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, the reverse is also true. Mental trauma can and does cause physical problems like chronic headaches or immune system disorders such as lupus, which will need to be treated with supplemental Crown Chakra Affirmations.

If you are experiencing any form of mental or emotional distress that includes symptoms such as depression, anxiety, stress, or grief then it’s important to consider the Crown Chakra and how it’s been compromised.

The crown chakra is the seventh of the seven major energy centers known as “Chakras” located on or near to the spine in Hindu tradition and Ayurveda. There are many ways to open this area, but the simplest is through breathing exercises that focus on upping the pressure in your lungs by elongating fuller exhalation until a buzzing sound begins emanating from your head. Once you feel this vibration, it’s time to bring it back down again. Try bringing yourself around 15 repetitions and you should notice an increased sense of general well-being and ease over time. Remember to stay hydrated while practicing these exercises!


What is the mantra for the crown chakra?

Om or Aum is a mantra typically used in Hindu and Buddhist meditation traditions to signify peace, making it an excellent option for the crown chakra.

The crown chakra has connections with physical and spiritual expansion, and aum also signifies union that occurs when all parts of the self merge into one ultimate being. Meditating on this sound will help you connect to your universal consciousness while simultaneously keeping grounded, enhancing the connection between body and spirit.

To do this, close your eyes as you focus on taking deep breaths through your nose, feeling as if they are drawn down into your stomach before returning up out of your mouth. Try whispering “aum” yourself–not too loudly–until gradually repeating it mentally instead of out loud until noticing the difference.

The crown chakra is located on the top of your head and although it is possible to do this affirmation with eyes open, you may find that closing them helps focus attention better as well. Another option for focusing even more deeply would be to hold a crystal in each hand while repeating the word “aum” over and over again internally or out loud.

The crown chakra and its mantras are some of those subjects which find little to no consensus in western culture. For Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains, there’s no question. The crown chakra’s Sanskrit mantra “So Ham” literally translates to “I am that” or “That I am.” But as you might guess, this statement is more about self-knowledge than it is about gaining knowledge in general – I am this person and who do I want to be?


How do I clean my crown chakra?

The crown chakra is your emotions.

The best way to clean it up so that you can live in the higher frequencies is to explore and face your fear.

Our fear tells us if there is something we have been avoiding or denying. Learn how to listen to our intuition, and find some courage instead of anxiety. Once this inner process has taken place, you will see that your external world reflects that sense of peace on a much deeper level – inside where it counts.


How do I know which chakra is blocked?

There are a number of chakras and each one is governed by an element. The most common ones that become blocked are the heart, throat, windpipe, or solar plexus.

In order to know which chakra is blocked you first need to figure out what element owns that chakra (earth – being closest to the earth; water- on its way to becoming purer through purifying processes like rain…etc).

If it’s not obvious from looking at them, then usually if I don’t feel happy or content in my body while trying different things, for example, breathing exercises or visualizations then I would try to find out which part of my body has the lousiest connection with me. Hopefully knowing which type of chakra is blocked will help you figure out which one it might be.

One of the best ways to unblock a chakra, I’ve found, is by doing Crown Chakra Affirmations.


How do you know if your crown chakra is open?

Your Crown Chakra is open when you are able to take in information freely and respond from a place of certainty.

What defines whether or not your crown chakra is open? Well, first we have to learn what it does. Your crown chakra influences how well you can process thoughts, ideas and concepts with all of the core components (such as intuition) that makeup who you are.

When this part of your being is functioning out of balance, then you let things pass by without considering their significance and truthfulness for yourself (making decisions based on the group consensus), or possibly even run away from situations because they seem too difficult or impossible.

A good way to tell if your crown chakra is open would be general introspection. You may notice that you are more grounded and centered in your thoughts, able to take in information freely and respond from a place of certainty rather than fear or doubt.

One way of knowing if your crown chakra is open is if you feel a tingling sensation in the top of the head.

There are many reasons why this might happen- for instance, it could be because there’s a draft at that part of the body (body heat rises), or there could be nerve ending near to the scalp. It can also happen from time to time as an emotional response, or when you’re receiving a lot of positive energy into your life.

But one thing’s for sure- when we say “crown chakra”, we’re talking about where our spirituality and connection with higher powers manifests: spiritual will, spirit assistance (protecting your physical body), and pure joy! Your whole becoming one with the universe and you feel at peace.

“It’s not about how high your head is, it’s about how deep your roots are.” – Zig Ziglar

In other words: keep calm and remember that even if emotional or physical challenges come up in life, you’ll be okay because of where your feet are planted!


What happens when Kundalini reaches the crown?

What happens to your personal energy field and how does it affect you when Kundalini reaches the crown?

Have you ever read a book such as Bruce Lee’s Tao of Jeet Kune Do or Jiddu Krishnamurti’s Freedom from Fear? In both cases, these are ideas about how to achieve kundalini, an awakening experience through which one can come into a state of bliss. It typically involves a violent shaking sensation in the lower abdomen that gradually rises up and culminates in an explosion of light at the crown of the head. In most cases this feels good for some people: they are flooded with waves of vibrations making them feel alive, healthy, energized, and refreshed. They often enjoy newfound mental clarity, the ability to find total peace and clarity of mind.

It’s not uncommon for people with crown chakra issues such as anxiety or depression to have kundalini awakenings too. For some, it can be a very healing experience that helps them overcome their fears and negative self-talk by replacing these thoughts with more positive ones. But for others, it can be a terrifying ordeal, and for this reason, many people choose to avoid kundalini awakenings altogether.

For those who do have an awakening of their crown chakra, the first thing they usually notice after that is how much clearer everything becomes: colors are brighter, thoughts flow more freely from one object to another without interruption or distraction, and feelings are more intense.

If one practices the Kundalini technique of shifting awareness from the first three chakras to the higher, non-physical seven chakras at regular intervals during chanting, then this will result in an experience termed “Kundalini reaching the crown”.

The term Kundalini is commonly seen as referring specifically to energy which resides at the root chakra and ascends up through increasingly subtle levels of existence until it reaches ultimate reality (Sach Khand) or that point known as Heaven or Brahman (depending on what culture you are born/etc).


Which chakra should I open first?

It completely depends on the chakra you’re working on. There are different techniques and steps, but everybody has their own preferences that suit them best. If you google “chakra meditation” there will be all sorts of step-by-step instructions for Yoga, Pranayama breathing exercises, and Mantra chanting practices to follow. The key is you need to find the one that makes your soul sing!

So if you want to open all the chakras, that’s a good start.

The first chakra to open is the root one. Meaning, eat well and get enough sleep!

Following on… emotional balance which is associated with our second chakra- can be found through physical activity and creative outlets. We often feel disconnected from our body or emotions when we care too much about appearances, so it’s important to remember it doesn’t matter how we look as long as we’re taking care of ourselves physically, emotionally, and mentally. Mandukasana is a yoga pose in which you hug your leg into your chest; this pose brings a sense of relief because it releases tension in the knee joint, neck muscles, and spine.

The third chakra is associated with creativity. It’s important to have a creative outlet outside of work, whether it be photography or painting- just something that makes you happy and gives you time for yourself!

The fourth center (heart) can also be accessed through physical activity such as running on the beach or taking long walks in nature.


What Colour is a crown chakra?

Colors that correspond to the crown chakra typically include Violet, Indigo, Turquoise, or Gold. However, while there are many common associations with the colors of the chakras, they have no actual connection to color. This can be confusing for new students who want a definitive answer on how each color relates to a particular chakra.

Each student interprets the correspondence as he or she sees fit and develops their own personalized system of correspondences between colors and energy centers. Readers should also understand that not all sources will adhere solely to one school set of principles when it comes to determining correspondence between colors energetically and in both Healing Lamp Light Combinations 1 & 2 the Crown Chakra is represented by Violet with irradiation of White.

The crown chakra is typically perceived as a deep, spiritual gold. Crown chakras are the “centers for reaching beyond our lower self and ego into higher realms of consciousness.”

This is because they’re conduits that move energy from the bottom of the spine up to the top, and provide for a link between our physical selves and our divine potential. They also take in Divine Energy that sustains us on earth and protect us by blocking out negativity.

The color you see may be affected by your perception

-I see blue or violet Looking at it through closed eyes I see purple – bluer than indigo but less intense than lilac maybe? Purple can also represent 5th eye/3rd eye chakra

-In meditation, I see deep purple.

The end of the rainbow!

But what does it mean when you don’t see color? Well, Crown chakras are often not seen with physical eyesight because they’re so large and powerful that they exist on more than one plane at once (you know how your head is at the top of your body, so it’s like they’re always looking down on you).

-When I’m not seeing color with my physical eyesight, what I see is more energy than anything. It might be light blue or white energy flowing out from me to infinity in every direction, and then back again into myself (I do this a lot when I’m standing in front of my easel).

-I feel whole and complete, even if what’s around me isn’t. There is an essence to the color that reminds me of all of life! The Crown chakra is where any problem can be solved because it reaches into realms beyond our physical world. It has the power to reach into the other chakra points, and it can be felt in all of them.

-It seems like I’m always painting from Crown energy because my body is full with a deep sense of peace and purpose that drives me forward!


What Stone is the crown chakra?

I can help you find some crystals for chakras although the crown chakra is also known as the ‘energetic root’ this anything will do to keep it flowing. It’s worth mentioning that not everybody agrees about the location of these healing stones so don’t take my word on trust, but here are a few ideas :

Carnelian   – helps increase energy and stimulates blood flow to the brain;

Danburite – high-frequency crystal that protects against environmental pollutants, strengthens the immune system, and supports mental health;

Dumortierite – evokes feelings of peace and understanding while fostering empathy in relationships. It helps focus conversations with brilliant creativity, exploring what needs to be addressed yet always with a sense of love;

Golden Labradorite – helps with the ability to release old habits and patterns, assists in accepting change as it emerges without resistance or negative emotions. It’s also known for enhancing one’s self-esteem, encouraging them to see their true beauty through life events that may have caused suffering;

Herkimer Diamond – a stone of pure light that brings balance to any situation or environment. It is also said to raise the frequency of thoughts and emotions, bringing one closer to their Higher Self;

Petalite – perfect for those who are feeling ungrounded due to environmental changes in life, such as job loss or moving from home country. The high vibration of this stone brings one back to their sense of rootedness;

Clear Quartz – a powerful amplifier of your intentions and energy.


What does an open crown chakra mean?

Your crown chakra is the energy center at the top of your head. When it’s open, you’ll feel like life is wonderful and everything is going to be great. You’ll also feel very creative and imaginative but without feeling overwhelmed by all that creativity like some people get when their crown chakra is blocked.

If a person has chronic headaches or finds themselves waking up with a stiff neck, then there’s likely an issue with their crown chakra. It could be blocked physically from arthritis for example or from emotional stress (fear essentially).

Your thoughts will have power over your health so if you’re afraid to do things because you don’t think they’ll turn out well in advance, this will give your body clues on what to expect and then you’ll start to feel sick.


What are the benefits of crown chakra?

Crowns are the ultimate goal that many aim for on their paths towards spirituality, whether they be Buddhist monks wearing saffron robes or Christian clergymen in traditional purple cassocks.

Crown chakras help to end the cycle of death by replacing all ills with wisdom, thus restoring balance to all things. When Enlightenment has been attained through Magical Prayer or Meditation, there is a release from humanity’s sorrowful condition here below.

The center in the heavens opens up when this occurs and one can see clearly through to eternity which lies in every direction at once while ascending freely through transcendent consciousness into “the kingdom of heaven.”

The benefits of the crown chakra are abundance in all areas of life: health, wealth, and love. When the crown chakra is open you will feel surrounded by a pleasant sense of lightness and love. This openness stimulates an unconditional connection to everything around you.

When our root chakra is obsessing with food or sex there’s no energy moving up through the body to help us move into spiritual realms. As we open those lower chakras, then these higher regions become receptive to the healing we need for this world.


What are the powers of the crown chakra?

The crown chakra is the seventh of seven major energy centers in the human body. It is the location or “gateway” for traveling beyond this world and into spirit realms.

The crown chakra corresponds to transcendental consciousness, pure thought, reasoning abstractly, and examining meaning. Spiritual light floods from above through the gate of your crown chakra and destroys all impurities found below it–the lower six chakras–and refreshes you with a sense of relief or peace that can only come from being completely cleansed by Divine Light before moving on to your highest form of spiritual evolution: Nirvana.

This process creates the perfect balance between male-female energies within oneself, resulting in total balance with one’s self as well as the world around you.

In order to effectively work with your Crown Chakra, it is best for you to focus on staying grounded and present at the moment while resolving any issues that may exist between yourself and others.

The higher frequencies of vibration associated with this chakra are often felt as a “floating” sensation because they transcend the physical body and allow for the release of any hindering energies that may be residing in your Crown Chakra.

You should spend an hour a day sitting with your feet on the ground, propped up by two or three firm pillows. This will help you to stay grounded while still allowing you to experience these higher frequencies when it is time to do so.

The Crown Chakra is associated with the color violet and your Crown Chakra relates to spirituality, wholeness, and oneness of mind body, and spirit. Your self-esteem as well as how you feel about yourself in relation to others can all be affected by where your energies are directing themselves through this chakra.


What are the seven mantras?

The Seven Mantras:

1) To maintain a healthy mind, I am grateful to be healthy.

2) To maintain a healthy body, I am patient with my progress.

3) To maintain the company of happy people, I forgive and accept others and myself.

4) To maintain good energy around me, I respect my needs and those of others without demanding anything in return.

5) To remain grounded in reality, I take action that offers rewards now rather than waiting for an uncertain future date.

6) To see everything as temporary, I prepare for all possibilities without grasping at things that are not mine to keep.

7) Knowing it is all an unfolding of the perfect stream of the Universe, I am present to enjoy every moment.


What happens when you open your third eye?

Opening your third eye creates a feeling of wonder and changes the way you perceive the world.

Opening your third eye is actually possible, and it takes some work to do it, but anyone can affect their chakra system by meditating. For example, imagine that there is a blue-toned doorway on your right temple (temple being just behind the ear).

When you start to meditate and calm down enough for the brainwaves to slow in frequency (a process called alpha waves), you should then visualize this doorway opening up with light pouring out from inside. You could also broaden that image and have that same light pour out from above or from around all sides of yourself after first starting meditation at what we call point zero (the center of the body).

Both meditation and visualization are excellent ways to affect your chakra system. I recommend doing both, as they will work together in tandem for a healthy balance or flow. That’s how you get into that alpha state where it is possible to open up the third eye (or crown chakra) using affirmations like “I open my crown chakra.”

You can also use affirmations in conjunction with other tools, such as a pendulum. With your pendulum over the third eye, you could state aloud (or to yourself) “I am opening up this chakra” while focusing on that area of the body and visualizing it being opened.

Normally, people who open their third eye are met with a new awareness or a completely different form of perception.

People report that senses such as sight may become more vivid, smells are perceived more strongly and colors may appear brighter. It is also common to experience synesthesia – the blending of sensory experiences such as hearing colors or tasting words. In addition, there can be an increased release of endorphins when you open up your third eye which can result in relaxation and mental peace, whereupon some people actually go into deep meditation as they let themselves relax into this sensation.


What happens when your chakras are not balanced?

When the chakras are unbalanced, it can lead to a number of physical and mental health issues. For example, an out-of-balance root chakra may cause anxiety.

The system you want to make sure is balanced and healthy is your chakras. They’re like energy centers within your body that act as regulators for different aspects of your health, emotions, overall moods, productivity levels, etcetera. You might notice that some days you feel good but others you just want to take a nap all day long – this could be because one of your energy centers isn’t functioning properly or fully charged with life forces (also called “prana”). Due to the various ways the distress manifests from each individual, it’s best to find a skilled practitioner who can give you individualized attention.

There are plenty of other techniques that I have found useful, but they’re more common sense and less understood than the Crown Chakra Affirmations technique.

Your chakras tend to be out of balance when you are feeling blocked, stagnant or confused. The thing about chakra healing is that there are many indicators and body language that will tell you how your chakras and energy are feeling.

1) You will start to feel drained more easily, have less physical stamina for things like exercise or sex, lack motivation and drive

2) Your nails may grow sloppily or not at all

3) You may find yourself wearing the same clothes day after day without wanting to do laundry; they started turning colors 1-2 weeks ago but somehow still smell fresh!


Why do chakras get blocked?

One reason they may get blocked in your life is if you don’t allow yourself to be open and honest. Another is if you have tried to suppress a part of who you are for too long, then it may feel safer and more comfortable to just close off that side of the body. And they are naturally going to repel anything around them which doesn’t resonate with who they want to be – it’s natural self-preservation instinct!

They get blocked because they are congested.

All our chakras have a purpose and refer to something like an emotional state or psychological position; it’s also possible for them to become depleted, which can happen if we lack certain nutrients or because we’re not expressing ourselves.

One way to work on unblocking your chakras is meditation, where you visualize black smoke leaving the body through various openings such as the mouth, nose, and genitals. Good nutrition and exercise are important too- having a healthy whole-body system creates health in our energy centers which allow us access to ecstasies moments of peace and joy.


How do you know if your sacral chakra is blocked?

One way to check if you have a blockage is to feel your pelvic floor muscles. If there are any noticeable “knots” in your pelvic floor, it could be an indication that the sacral chakra is blocked.

Frequently ask yourself these questions: “What am I carrying on my shoulders?”

Is your head too heavy? Then this could impact how tense the pelvic floor muscle is, and whether or not they can release pressure through proper contraction and relaxation.

If the answer is yes, then one way to help release some of this tension from the body might be to take a deep breath and do a long exhale while trying to think about letting go of whatever tension is being held.

Do you feel unfulfilled? Do you feel a lack of creativity and motivation? Are your thoughts racing in circles with no sense events starting to come together? Could it be that your sacral chakra is blocked…creating a laundry list of physical, mental, and emotional effects? I’m not saying there’s such a thing as someone who is 100% free from all blocks in the body but by starting at the bottom (throat) we can get access to our creative energy and start kicking out limitless possibilities.

The sacral chakra often experiences blockages because it has so many different functions. When this center gets congested or stagnant, then anxiety disorders like IBS may develop as well as various emotional problems.

There are different techniques to open up the sacral chakra and get this energy flowing again including meditation, yoga, acupressure or even using crystals like rose quartz or amethyst.


How do you know if your heart chakra is blocked?

There are many ways to check the health of our chakra system. One is by checking for energy blocks that can manifest as physical symptoms. Physical symptoms such as allergies, asthma, headaches, pain in certain parts of the body or spinal cord may be caused by a recent event or trauma. But if they continue without any clear cause it could be an indication that there is something more going on inside oneself that requires deeper self-reflection and healing.

One possible way to decipher what specific chakra might need attention would be consulting one’s tongue for color changes that indicate imbalances in the body systems including organ deficiencies relating to holistic medicine and Ayurveda diagnoses – typically green indicates liver function; yellow/green means gallbladder function, and so on.

Aside from looking at the tongue, another way to locate imbalances in a person’s crown chakra is by identifying symptoms such as feeling disconnected or ungrounded; a sense of “spaced out”; chronic fatigue; insomnia; loss of willpower. As one’s Crown Chakra opens up, one feels a sense of “oneness” with the world, an increase in intuition and creativity.

One way to keep your Crown Chakra open is by consistently practicing deep breathing – inhale for six seconds, exhale for eight seconds. These long breaths help maintain equilibrium throughout all chakras.

If you feel mentally unwell, if you’re depressed or anxious, or have a lot of unexplained illness in your life that frequently seems to get worse and never better.

If your heart chakra is blocked, then most likely your medicine wheel will not spin all the way around and will go askew – those are signs that you’ll probably need to work on opening up your heart center. And often people with closed hearts also suffer from issues related to balance so they might find it difficult even running errands on their own– it’s difficult because their equilibrium is off but when they come back home their inner-compass needs time to reset itself after being out in the world for a while!


How do I activate my throat chakra?

When we speak, our throat activates and so that is said to be the location of the throat chakra. It is often seen as the energy center for creativity, compassion, naming things, or oneself.

It’s said that looking at a color or imagining it would help you with your intention related to that color. Some sources say pink and red opens up creativity while green through indigo helps one tap into their intuition.

You can also try using singing (or any creative expression)to activate this area of your body and balancing it with solar plexus work which enlivens another key area for creativity and conscious thinking.

You can activate your chakras by chanting.

The throat chakra is the center of communication- also meaning, it’s the place where we become receptive to other people and their opinions. I often advise meditators to chant silently during meditation. A nice example is the mantra “saa”.

Chanting with sound takes away some of this reflective nature, so while pranayama breathing is good for balancing all 7 chakras if you’re trying to boost communication through increased resonance in a group setting, chanting without sound might be better if you’re alone or looking for support as an individual from a teacher or partner who’s trying not only to hear what you have to say but help guide your direction too.


What does it feel like when your heart chakra opens?

When the Heart Chakra is open, it will feel like you are experiencing an emotional release or breakthrough. You will likely experience more open-heartedness than normal and may even feel grief from past loves or mistakes. Your compassion for yourself and others may grow, leaving you with a desire to make changes in your life that promote more joy and less struggle.

It’s worth noting that this adjustment can have both good and bad effects on your relationships. People might find they want to spend less time with you because of how different they suddenly seem (and vice versa), but focusing on building new bonds should help stabilize things over time. Intense emotions like grief can often cause us to crave solitude as well, so give yourself a chance to let the feelings pass before trying to reconnect.

In general, this change in your energy level will make you feel much more like yourself again–just with a new sense of peace and purpose. This is because the Crown Chakra deals primarily with our connection to higher realms, so when it’s balanced we’re able to tap into that source more easily. We also have a sense that everything is going to be all right, and we’re able to let go of any fear or worry about the future because it’s clear things are unfolding just as they should.

It feels like the hugest side of you, all the things that make you unique and imperfect and so perfect are fully embraced. It fills up all the spaces that were once empty.

It means your third eye chakra is open to possibilities, intuition, or a spiritual experience where you’re able to feel gratitude for small things and see with a clear judgment without getting bogged down in negativity or self-doubt. Your heart invitation allows others into your life in a meaningful way but nothing will be forced–you’ll get there naturally through releasing fears and expectations about how it’s supposed to happen or “should” happen.


What does the throat chakra do?

The throat chakra aids communication, singing, listening, and acting as a filter so that only the best is expressed. It also performs the function of vocalization for an individual’s thoughts in either speech form or song form and controls their expression.

If your throat chakra is blocked it can lead to one struggling to speak clearly or be heard. They may become shy about communicating and withdrawing from social interactions which contribute to maintaining healthy relationships with others.

When we are unable to communicate our needs, find peace in our speaking voice or express our individuality fully then our spirit no longer thrives because language is how a spirit expresses itself while incarnated on earth. When this power center is denied its needed energy it will not function at its highest capacity.

Can you see how dramatically your life would change if you were unable to speak? Imagine not being able to express yourself or communicate with others because your throat chakra is blocked and non-functional. Consider the effect this could have on relationships, friendships, work relationships, and social engagements that may be lost as a result of their inability to be heard.

The throat chakra regulates how we communicate verbally and how we express ourselves artistically (music, dance).

Quartz crystal clusters are an excellent tool for restoring energy to the throat chakra. It is especially important in winter shivers. Place one at a high point in your home or workplace on an end table, mantelpiece, bookshelf, or another place of prominence so that everyone can see it.

Quartz crystal clusters send out powerful metaphysical emanations which encourage and support benevolent energies that influence positive thinking and creativity. They are also deeply cleansing for the same reasons as described under the Earth Chakra Crystal section above. Generate more creative energy space by placing one of these crystals there as well!


What is the Kundalini serpent?

Kundalini is a Sanskrit term for the energy or force of “coiled power” residing in every human body. Physiologically, kundalini is said to be related to the nervous system and endocrine system.

According to many descriptions, when kundalini awakens you experience physical and mental processes such as ringing ears, tingling spine, eye strain, heavy breathing, or pressure all over the body. Psychologists describe different symptoms of increased arousal states that are associated with normal psychological stress reactions.

Typical symptoms include rapid pulse rate; sweating; shaking hands and feet; choking sensations; feelings of car sickness accompanied by numbness or weakness in muscles involved in eye movement. Such symptoms explain why people refer to this state as a “rush”.

The process of awakening has been described and discussed in many spiritual traditions including tantra, yoga, qigong, and Taoism. In these contexts, it is sometimes referred to as the serpent power or kundalini shakti (Hindi: कुण्डलिनी शक्ति, which means “coiled power”), and is symbolized by a snake winding up the spine to enter into the brain.

The Kundalini serpent is the primordial life force that lies dormant at the base of your spine. It can be awakened to raise your consciousness and help you take responsibility for who you are and eliminate the egocentric structures that keep us from being free.

The human body has seven chakras or energy centers that correspond with different parts of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual nature. If these get clogged up due to negative thoughts or views blown out of proportion by TV comedies, then it becomes hard for anything positive to filter through freeing yourself from a lot of negativity.

While some people may argue there are other times when chakras become blocked – perhaps because of stressful circumstances such as unemployment – but few can deny this is the most common and that many of us will experience it at some point in our lives.


Can chakra be used as a weapon?

Something like that would not work well in a fight.

The answer suggests that chakras cannot be used as weapons, but when they’re activated (engaged) they can be useful for meditation and getting in touch with feelings and thoughts. Chakras within the human body are also closed off to keep us conscious of what energy is within our bodies.

It is because of this closure that we are not able to use the chakra energy as a weapon. However, if someone were unable to feel or experience these energy blocks, it might allow them to use their chakras offensively against others without any warning lights going up throughout the rest of their bodies while doing it.

Chakras should never be used as a weapon. A skilled practitioner can channel chakra against an opposing force or a target to cause temporary paralysis and/or disorientation in their victim. This is only suitable for self-defense and not for combat because the effects are too unpredictable; even amongst the same person, it’s almost impossible to know what will happen unless they have been consciously meditating on it beforehand.

That being said, unleashing the body’s energy reserves into a lethal strike against an opponent would allow one to die together with their attacker when both release their life force at the exact moment of contact.


What food is good for root chakra?

The root chakra is associated with the earth element in Ayurveda and so grounding yourself with daily contact with soil can help strengthen this chakra. Eating ingredients that have an earthy nature: potatoes, broccoli, beetroot, asparagus, and celery will bring balance.

Knowing this information about your own body is key for achieving its optimal functioning and knowing what you need at different times of your life.

Root chakra is connected to the earth and grounding ourselves. When our root chakra feels nourished, we feel peaceful, grounded, and calm.

Root Chakra needs grounding foods such as root vegetables (e.g., potatoes) and mushrooms so it’s best not to eat veggies like broccoli or cauliflower that are high in fiber during a mealtime that just balancing the yin energy of the “root” for an hour or two afterward would be sufficient as these taste really harsh if they’re eaten too late in the meals even with lots of herbs added. Besides, when we eat them late at night we’ll probably doze off early and miss some quality rest 🙂


What essential oils are good for chakras?

Both of these oils are good for balancing chakras.

Fine grade frankincense is typically considered to be the best oil to use for chakra balancing because it provides a calming, grounding effect that will bring us into our center. Emotionally, this is comforting and relaxing because we can reduce anxiety and stress levels when we are balanced and centered in every way.

Peppermint essential oil has properties that boost cognition, mood enhancement with an uplifting quality + many more important benefits that might be specific to your needs! For example, peppermint oil offers a refreshing energy quality that encourages mental clarity aiding concentration in study sessions; also peppercorns blend well together with scents like lavender or clove creating a feeling of calm and relief.

Essential oils can be used in many ways, such as diffused into the air or tissue paper with a car freshener to create an uplifting atmosphere, rubbed on your neck & chest for help when you feel stressed out from work + more!

One of the best essential oils for opening the meridians is lavender

Lemon is known as a purifier on all levels, and it’s also an emotional healer. It helps to remove stagnant energy in one or many areas of your life.

Ginger can be used to help you feel grounded and supported

Frankincense oil was traditionally considered sacred because it helps activate your spiritual reservoir – go ahead and use this oil any time you need to shift your energy in a new direction.

Myrrh is another favorite of mine: use this oil when you want to experience deep comfort and relaxation. Placing just two drops under my nose helped ease me into sleep after I had an hour of fitful tossing-and-turning

Bergamot is an oil that will help you feel more grounded, centered, and clearheaded. It’s also been said to help achieve a state of balance in your home or office space


We hope you’ve found this article to be helpful. If it wasn’t, let us know in the comments and we’ll try our best to answer your questions or provide more help! A great way to start using affirmations is by reading them out loud each day for 21 days straight before going about your daily routine. You can also make a conscious effort throughout the day to say “I am light, love, happiness, joy” as often as possible – even if you have nothing else on your mind at that moment. Remember that these are only effective when they align with who YOU are as an individual person – find affirmations that work best for YOU!

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